A Gender Reveal Sprinkle

One of my ambitions this month was to learn the gender of our baby. It’s not super fair to call that a “goal”, but it was something I was anxiously waiting for!

Well, last week we went and had our gender sonogram, and if we’re friends on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll already know, but…

I had our sonogram on Monday, and invited my Mom, Arron’s Mom, and Arron’s sister to come with me. We brought Susan and Bruce too, so we felt like quite the parade walking through the halls and into the sonogram room.

At first when the doctor went over my baby’s legs and torso.

And at first I thought I saw something there.

Once the angle changed and the picture settled on a shot of two obvious little legs. I felt dumb because my first impression was that it was a boy, but then suddenly I didn’t see anything there.

The doctor was just kind of staring at me until she finally said, “is that your professional opinion?”

I was a little mortified.

Finally our doctor said, “she’s a girl!”

Susan had already been saying the baby was a girl on the trip in, so our shock and excitement was strange to her. Her expression kind of said it all. It was one of those; “this is what I have been saying all along, why didn’t anybody listen to me.” Then Bruce asked if it the baby was health. I was glad one of us obviously understood what was going on there.

I had decided at the last minute that I wanted to do a gender reveal party, I love gender reveals for a number of reasons. One of them was because I would like a tasteful gender reveal sprinkle and there are instructions on how to customize the invitations to accommodate them. And the other reason was, because, why not?

A lot of people tend to shy away from doing anything like that, mostly because the gender reveal feels overdone. For myself, I’m trying to embrace the fun this time around, and the idea of a little guessing game over the baby’s gender sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon!

Another goal that I had was that I wanted to have a smaller baby shower. Maybe something closer to a baby sprinkle so I kept calling the gender reveal shower a mini-party because the only people there that didn’t know the gender were my Dad, sister, aunt, uncle, nieces and nephews.

My mom managed to keep the secret from my dad for two days, and then he showed up and I would swear, it only took him about five minutes before he got it out of Arron. But that was okay since I ended up letting it slip to my Aunt way before we ever did the reveal… which I’m still laughing about.

Now I know why my mom always said we are not good at secrets.

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