A Gender Reveal Sprinkle

One of my ambitions this month was to learn the gender of our baby. It’s not super fair to call that a “goal”, but it was something I was anxiously waiting for!

Well, last week we went and had our gender sonogram, and if we’re friends on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll already know, but…

I had our sonogram on Monday, and invited my Mom, Arron’s Mom, and Arron’s sister to come with me. We brought Susan and Bruce too, so we felt like quite the parade walking through the halls and into the sonogram room.

At first when the doctor went over my baby’s legs and torso.

And at first I thought I saw something there.

Once the angle changed and the picture settled on a shot of two obvious little legs. I felt dumb because my first impression was that it was a boy, but then suddenly I didn’t see anything there.

The doctor was just kind of staring at me until she finally said, “is that your professional opinion?”

I was a little mortified.

Finally our doctor said, “she’s a girl!”

Susan had already been saying the baby was a girl on the trip in, so our shock and excitement was strange to her. Her expression kind of said it all. It was one of those; “this is what I have been saying all along, why didn’t anybody listen to me.” Then Bruce asked if it the baby was health. I was glad one of us obviously understood what was going on there.

I had decided at the last minute that I wanted to do a gender reveal party, I love gender reveals for a number of reasons. One of them was because I would like a tasteful gender reveal sprinkle and there are instructions on how to customize the invitations to accommodate them. And the other reason was, because, why not?

A lot of people tend to shy away from doing anything like that, mostly because the gender reveal feels overdone. For myself, I’m trying to embrace the fun this time around, and the idea of a little guessing game over the baby’s gender sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon!

Another goal that I had was that I wanted to have a smaller baby shower. Maybe something closer to a baby sprinkle so I kept calling the gender reveal shower a mini-party because the only people there that didn’t know the gender were my Dad, sister, aunt, uncle, nieces and nephews.

My mom managed to keep the secret from my dad for two days, and then he showed up and I would swear, it only took him about five minutes before he got it out of Arron. But that was okay since I ended up letting it slip to my Aunt way before we ever did the reveal… which I’m still laughing about.

Now I know why my mom always said we are not good at secrets.

Good food, nice weather and a baby shower

Just at the last minute a post for today.

Last weekend was busy, but a perfect start to my vacation. Saturday with my nephew and children out shopping. And I sat with them in the playground which froze me to the bone but they said they didn’t get cold. Then we warmed up at lunch with my sister and our children. In the evening, we celebrated my sister’s birthday with the family. It was still beautiful weather and the food was very delicious, so it was a very successful night.

Sunday we with a bunch with our girlfriends and mommy-to-be for a baby shower. Of course, we had way too much food with us: sandwiches, sweets, chocolate and my niece baked a wonderful cake. The creative activity of the afternoon was making a mobile. We all have small books created and there a mobile.

Unfortunately no pictures of all this, because I didn’t have my camera with me.

I am really looking forward to my sprinkle next week!

New Mothers

Being pregnant is something very special. Logical! Only is it so that not every woman has a network around them during this period. But even though you have people around you where you can go at, not always there is someone at the same time with your pregnant. And it’s also just a nice chat with someone who at the time also in the same phase and discuss how they think about certain issues around pregnancy.

Centering Pregnancy was piloted in the early 1990s. And after the launch the program for new mothers (Centering Pregnancy) has only grown in popularity, spreading across the country and around the world. This is for pregnant women to learn from each other and their questions and doubts, but also to share their joy with each other.

The choice is free.

You choose to go to the regular one on one to go or you pick the Centering controls group. Once a month you come together with the obstetrician and a group of about 10 women who are all around the same time, of all things. You are going to measure your blood pressure and your weight. Listening to the heart of the baby is done in a separate room, where you have a little privacy or to ask the midwife.

The themes go, of course, about the pregnancy itself, but there are also issues such as; domestic violence to properly maintain your teeth.

This is done through joint brainstorming, a game or presentation in groups.

I participated this year. It seemed to me simply put just fun. Since I already mother was I did it not necessarily to learn new things. Though it is useful to refresh your memory here.

It was fine to once a month to come together and see how everyone’s belly had come again, and how much they changed during pregnancy.

Now that the meetings are over and all babies born, mostly of the group still in touch with each other.

I have told global what it is, but want to know exactly how and by whom it is booted; You can read that here. There is also a list on the site with obstetricians practice these techniques.

Is your baby already several weeks old, then it’s time for visits to the consultation Office. Also here you have the possibility to choose between the regular appointments or to the Group happen.

My November

At the end of November there was quite a bit of chaos around here for me. Thanksgiving and other celebrations (two birthdays to plan). I was busy with all kinds of other things that just seemed to collect around the date. Now I have not a few moments rest. I did also have a few in-between pauses and did some really nice things, too. Although it was still a lot of hustle and bustle so there was less activity here than I had intended. So that was my November.

Dan’s Hunting Excursion

My husband Dan was recently invited out on a hunting excursion, something that doesn’t usually happen too frequently, this is his account of the trip.

Last Saturday I got the chance to have a day out hunting close to home. I was allowed out by a Hunter from around here and of course I grabbed that opportunity with both hands.

Even before the yacht was blown, thick sweaters were all stored away because the Sun was in full force of the party. So far, I’ve experienced this season no hunting in the typical cold autumn weather that I associate with the hunt. The late summer seems to continue. On the one hand, such weather naturally pleasant but on the other hand ensures that also for the wild much more coverage is present than normally around this time of year. And that makes the task of the floaters more. During the first drift, saw the floats a dozen pheasants in the mustard. But despite that the piece with enough floats and good dogs scoured was twice, left only a pheasant cock entice themselves on the wings.

Also in the forest, turned out to be very lush yet still cover the floats there this time in to a lot of pheasants in the direction of the guns. I got myself a nice chance, but shot unfortunately wrong. The shooters abilities of my fellow hunters turned out to be a lot better and the happy tableau began to grow.

A little later I got a beautiful place and I could get my first pheasant of the day stretching with a nice shot. I had my rifle and had just reloaded as a second pheasant came my way. Also this I could. Up there my beginners luck because a third pheasant came there.

It was also good to see that outstanding dogs in no time my two pheasants came to their owners.

I will not deny that it gives me great satisfaction to be able to shoot a pheasant but where I might still enjoy most is that every hunt day me always a piece of National Geographic Live. This time I saw for the first time just a few meters from me an OWL on pass. And as if one owl was not enough, I got to see another one later in the day.

One had warned me in advance that, despite the loose informal atmosphere within the hunt group, also an iron discipline reigns in security field and clearing. During the whole day was there repeatedly pointed out by the lead and that’s all good for me. For each drift was there a clear briefing given and both the as the fellow hunters were always ready to answer my many questions.

Sometimes I hear stories about drunk hunters, unsafe situations and arrogant jerks. There will be remember cowboy practices happen, unfortunately. But fortunately I hear from people who have long been hunting, that this unfortunate exceptions. And also in this hunt group safety. Clear rules and responsible hunters hunt once so make it pleasant. And so is also set an example to the youth.

During the penultimate drift I got my third pheasant of the day and I could also enjoy some excellent shots of my neighbors. I realize that I still have a lot of ge need to practice to be an equally good shooter but it gives me lots of satisfaction that my much more experienced hunters, seemed to respect me.

It may be coincidence, but he was very often close to me. If I were in his place, I would a newly novice Hunter who you do not know, also good. On parting he said me that I had missed and also good hit. But that I had kept everything safe and above all with a lot of respect for my fellow hunters had hunted. That makes me a lot of fun because I’m always afraid to stupid rookie mistakes. Finally, he said that if there was ever one of his partners dies, he would let me know something about the vacant place. I consider that as a compliment.

One had perhaps slightly more expected from the tableau but in the end the result was still not wrong. I remember especially that I have had a very nice day and again a lot of interesting people have been able to. Finally, I would like to send a big thank you in the direction of the person I should replace.