New favorite series: The Borgias

A while ago I was still absolutely in love with True Blood.

However, the series has now run its course though I would still catch reruns. Recently somebody suggested that I try something. The Brogias.

And I can now safely say (though it is also now off the air) there is something much better: The Borgias.

The series about the infamous family Borgia, who as one of the first Mafia families in Italy.

1492. The head of the family, Rodrigo Borgia, is elected Pope following the death of Pope Innocent VIII. This does not happen in a fair way, but by means of bribery. Many Cardinals know this and are of course directly against the new Pope. Rodrigo’s biggest opponent is cardinal Della Rovere. With the help of his family tries Rodrigo, now Pope Alexander, his enemies off. Meanwhile, Cardinal Della Rovere the new Pope wants to take them off. He travels throughout Italy and France to allies.

Rodrigo Borgia of course trying to be stronger and allies, among others, by his children to strategically chosen partners.

Murder, adultery, illegitimate children, hit men, poisoning, arranged marriages, mistresses, bribery, incest, corruption, …

Feast, so!

I would like to not reveal too much about the story. It’s much more fun if you just look without there already too much in advance about it and you wont be surprised.

I had some episodes of the first season of this series already on One, but now also believes this first season of this series, I look again. All episodes that are aired on Eight so far, I have seen once before, but that may not spoil the fun.

There are now three seasons. And alas there would be no fourth.

Here some movies to make you warm for this series, because pictures say more than words in this case.

For the first season. Get a good idea of the atmosphere of the series, the story lines and the beautiful costumes.

A whole movie dedicated to Cesare Borgia, my favorite character from the series. Cesare is spiritual and the oldest son of Rodrigo Borgia and is soon after the coronation of the new Pope by his father appointed Cardinal. Cesare is played by the handsome Fran├žois Arnaud, who is also in the running for the male lead in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

To finish a movie about the close relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia. Cesare has an incestuous relationship with his sister, Lucrezia. That is already with the first episode clear. Yet does it take to season 2 to something actually happening between them. Needless to say I like this kind of videos very view. To swoon!

Nicely portrayed, intriguing story, beautiful costumes and all top actors. What more do you want?

In addition to The Borgias look I also like to Hung on eight and the hilarious Miranda on One, which I often almost on the basic role of laughter.

What’s your favorite series and what do you think about The Borgias?

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