New Mothers

Being pregnant is something very special. Logical! Only is it so that not every woman has a network around them during this period. But even though you have people around you where you can go at, not always there is someone at the same time with your pregnant. And it’s also just a nice chat with someone who at the time also in the same phase and discuss how they think about certain issues around pregnancy.

Centering Pregnancy was piloted in the early 1990s. And after the launch the program for new mothers (Centering Pregnancy) has only grown in popularity, spreading across the country and around the world. This is for pregnant women to learn from each other and their questions and doubts, but also to share their joy with each other.

The choice is free.

You choose to go to the regular one on one to go or you pick the Centering controls group. Once a month you come together with the obstetrician and a group of about 10 women who are all around the same time, of all things. You are going to measure your blood pressure and your weight. Listening to the heart of the baby is done in a separate room, where you have a little privacy or to ask the midwife.

The themes go, of course, about the pregnancy itself, but there are also issues such as; domestic violence to properly maintain your teeth.

This is done through joint brainstorming, a game or presentation in groups.

I participated this year. It seemed to me simply put just fun. Since I already mother was I did it not necessarily to learn new things. Though it is useful to refresh your memory here.

It was fine to once a month to come together and see how everyone’s belly had come again, and how much they changed during pregnancy.

Now that the meetings are over and all babies born, mostly of the group still in touch with each other.

I have told global what it is, but want to know exactly how and by whom it is booted; You can read that here. There is also a list on the site with obstetricians practice these techniques.

Is your baby already several weeks old, then it’s time for visits to the consultation Office. Also here you have the possibility to choose between the regular appointments or to the Group happen.

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