The Canon 1200 D

Everybody starts somewhere. A cheap camera or maybe your mobile, but over time you want to switch to something more expensive. For more than a year I have been saving for a nice camera and when I saw an offer last week on the camera I had been looking at, I acted in a second. When I got home from vacation I have it right away. And if I’m happy with it!

The Canon 1200 D is a little older so you have probably seen it around if you’re into that sort of thing. It is also the camera I most frequently encounter and very good things about it though. Also, the Canon 1200 d recommended if you are a beginner. The camera has a lot of options. You can even download an app to this camera. This Canon has a built in Flash and you can also put a Speedlite set up on it. I got this camera a 18-55 mm lens.

The word neatly delivered with protective caps for the camera lens, a battery, a battery charger and a cable with which you can put pictures on the computer. Also you get a canon camera strap (camera strap). This was for me the sale still unclear. A SD card you should buy there and preferably one which is quickly so you can make movies.

There is still a lot for me to discover this camera, because it is of course my first “professional” camera. I go there the last few weeks of the holidays still spend a lot of time! In any case, I am very happy with it. Now I can finally get my hobby (photography) to the next level bring 🙂 You can expect fast more beautiful photos ^^

Does anyone have any tips for me that this camera also has? Or a general camera tip?